part-1 Pressures of these days

Consistent with the demands of time, two pressures are continuously increasing these days. (1) Fight with a wide range of undesirables and defeat them. (2) Ability to implement the creation of the new world. In both the private and the small areas, both of them work very hard; Then where there is a question of country, society or the world, the ratio of difficulty will be extraordinary.

Instruments have to be mobilized. Without having been in a normal condition without them, some days have become a bite. Similarly, to overcome difficulties, to eliminate obstructions and stop the obstacles in some way, it is necessary to introduce proper courage, courage, and understanding. There are many problems and difficulties in the days and difficult situations that remain, those who can fight with difficulties and raise the means of progress in the direction of progress, it is called talent.

Talent has a strong need for the development of her personal life, and whoever has gone ahead in canceling the barriers, they have to raise both of them. 1. Prosperity’s understanding and 2 Dare to fight with difficulties, it is not possible to lead a progressive life without these two. Then, in order to establish order in the community public sector, there should be even more intensity. This vast area, needs, and clutches are even more expansive.

Three main classes – the nature of humans is similar, but there is a great difference in their levels. (In a class) people of inferior level are paranoid. They close their eyes and walk behind others. Its justification wit is equal to where it is justification. They depend on others, for guidance, for guidance. Even the life-saving instruments do not get involved with their own independent consciousness. The reasons for their upliftment fall are the same. This parasite class is found only in humans with the plurality. Simulation and shelter only remain part of their nature. Problems can only be made by personal assessment. This is the inferior class. Even when they are possessed, they can be called deen-inferior.

The second is the square – which is surrounded by narrow selfishness while being sensible. Despite attributes like qualifications and readiness, they are employed only to fulfill their desires, greed, attachment, and ego. Their policy is meant to mean the mean. Ideally does not affect them. With the pressure of niggardliness and cowardice, they do not even think of the virtue of being blessed. They do not forget even when they get an opportunity to do wrong when they do not get the importance, they waste their lives. Only self-centered life like gular ki gland can live Despite being intelligent and wealthy, these people are said to be capable ‘subservient’ across the subsistence. The third type they take, but they do not have any relation with any human achievement, such as credit and respect.

to be continued…

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