Part-2 Pressures of these days

The third category is of geniuses. If they are employed in the physical field then they make many arrangements. Living in discipline and staying tied with contracts. They plant their boat on their own and they cross it and cross it. Make big plans and run The administrators of the factories and the government head are often accomplished with these characteristics. Those who have made significant achievements, achieved achievements, won competitions, there is such fundamental understanding in them. In the colloquial language, they are called Pratishvaan. Leaders of their class also do the same Handle the bundles and pave the way for successes. Friends and enemies all view their iron. Wonders like setting up gardens in the desert are made up of them. If the special progress of physical progress is given to them, then there will be no exaggeration. The wealth of understanding, the ability to keep a vision on many sides, is also in them. Time is limited to everybody; Some people give him such tasks in the daily routines, but there are also those who, at the same time, from the same body-mind, many weaves and weave many traps. Are. Success and praise revolve around them. The progress of our region, community or country depends on such systematic talents.

The highest class is of Devanavans, also called Maha Purusha. Talent is rich in them, but they use it in self-motives to Lokmangal for high-level purposes. Reduces personal needs and ambitions, so that the remaining power reserves can be employed in different parts. The credit for the upliftment of society and the solution of the occasional problems goes to them. They are considered to be the true wealth of a country. Their work area is like a paradise, where they rinse like clouds, whilst floating the floor of Haritima float. They are like the spring. With its influence, the trees and plants are loaded with fragrant, aromatic flowers. Such emotions fill in the atmosphere. Thereby, echo the bumblebee and dance peacocks.

Resource-wise work-big tasks can be accomplished by big power centers only. The elephant trapped in the cremation crosses the strong elephant only. The engine derailed from the derailed crane and placed it in place. Boating a boat from a boiling sea makes it possible only by daring sailors. Such great talents are needed to solve the problems of society and the world. Construction of corridors like a bridge, a dam, a castle, the fortress is required. Troubleshoots are made by the mercenaries. Geniuses are virtually such assets, from which not only talented people earn enough credit; They also succeed in resolving the difficulties of their region, community, and countries. Because of this, impatience tell such people to the angel.

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