Learn to live in present

If we spend today in an exemplary mode with maximum happiness then our future life will be enhanced automatically. Hundreds of years ago, a distinguished philosopher was roaming in such a mountainous region, where people could earn living harder. One day he gathered them and said in a short speech: ‘Friends!’ Why are you destroying this golden present in the fear, anxiety, and darkness of tomorrow? Tomorrow will worry about himself. If you can spend more time in today’s enjoyment, satisfaction, and ideal form then it is good. God Himself is trying to upgrade your future. ‘

‘The great King has said: ‘Do not worry tomorrow.’ But very few people understand the real significance of this. You will say, why not worry about tomorrow? Our family, our children’s education, clothing, food, house have odd problems? Tomorrow we have to marry them? Will work without collecting the money? Should we add the rupee to the insurance policy? We have a job today, can be discounted tomorrow, today we are healthy, tomorrow will fall ill, then how will it work? What will happen to us in old age?

Such things are fine These thoughts should come in a thoughtful mind. We suggest that you implement new schemes to be efficient, healthy, financially enduring to make you strong for ‘tomorrow’. Make preparations as much as you can for a future life don’t worry about making your place in the society by diligence, industry, fellowship. It is one thing to do prudent work by planning and worrying is another thing to worry about. What would come of worry? The one who has the right strength and the mental will also be destroyed. Worry will cripple you with excitement, and happiness. The hardship or resistance that you could win with your personal powers, it would seem difficult to be like a mountain. Anxiety will create a dark light in front of you that you will not have the knowledge of the great power center, which the individual has hidden in your body parts.

The only difference between auspicious thinking and inauspicious thinking of war, sickness, bankruptcy or sad death, is the only difference – a good idea is that which tests the cause of causation, the criterion of logic, sees the distance and kisses By looking at the dots of what will happen in the future from the work, he plans to make future advancement plans. Creative thoughts provide a plan for advancement by looking at the experiences of the punishment of old mistakes in future construction and the rigors of the world. There is a bright light of enthusiasm and hope over the worldly experiences stored in good contemplation, the power of virtue and courage is the sacred yoga of power and skill, it is the rule of introducing uncommon stamina by not solving the work, but resolving the dummies.

The start of bad thinking is due to fear and nervousness. Difficulties are coming. We will have to do the work which we have not done. Money and power will not be nearby, then what will be done – Awful fools come and destroy power and enthusiasm. Human balance destroys. Willpower and morale are lost or crippled by memory and pain of past mistakes. Such a person in darkness of repentance and self-indulgence also loses the true power. These misconceptions are the offspring of monstrous, like anxiety.

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