Golden rules to overcome any Tragedy

Do not panic about the tragedy. The adversity is bitter, but remember, the body is defined by the destruction of heat by bitter things like bitterness and neem. Do not be frustrated by the controversy, never be disappointed in the tragedy. Remember, the grains of water that bring happiness to the world by rain fishing crop only shines from blackness.
False, in fact, gives special pain to those who are afraid of him. The one whose heart is steadfast experiences the transience of the world, and in everything is fearless of seeing God’s mercy, for him the calamity is similar to the flowering cage.

Just like seeing the hills from a distance, I am afraid that I will overcome them, but when they reach near, they do not know that much hardship, this is the problem of calamities. Man gets upset and distraught when he sees them from a distance, but when he comes on his head, endurance can be destroyed only after suffering from some pain.
Just as a beautiful idol is not made without a court, the heart of man is not beautiful without facing adversity.

Fatality is the test of love. Your love is great in bondage and bondage lying in distress, and forcing you to serve him with reverence and respect, then only understand that your love is real. If you face adversity, your brother-in-law and friends love- The test can be done.
The darkness of light is hidden in the darkness of the dark clouds, after the calamity, happiness and disappointment, after despair, after the fall of hope, Basant is the rule of creation.

Remember that as long as the monotony of happiness does not seem to have a profound trauma of pain, then the realistic principle of life can not be found. Think of five ways in the event of adversity-
1-Vineet is the result of your own karma, you will get rid of it.
2-Vision is the criterion of your faith, do not be afraid of it, then you will receive God’s grace.
3-The controversy is the law of godly God and his law is welfare. Your welfare is only in this calamity.
4- Whatever you get as a catastrophe, it was to be like this, nothing new is happening, the scene of God’s already preserved comes out.
5-The body and name of the body and the name of the body and you are afraid of the calamity, regardless of the name and the body, it is all accusations.

Even before this birth, there was your name, form, and relationship, but today It does not have any concern with you, this is the same as it is, then it is foolish to panic in adversity because the experience of the calamity happens only with the body, the name, and its relation.

Like all the other businesses of life, difficulties and objections are also a natural rule. Understanding them bad or good is very much dependent on their attitude. But in reality, most of the objections are about to make man aware of his mistakes. Therefore, the duty of a human being is that no matter what objection arises, do not leave patients and try to get rid of them with a calm mind. Due to this, objections will prove to be beneficial in the end result rather than the loss.

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