Don’t be scared of objections

Many people are so scared of objections that they make their lives nervous by imagining various types of true and false objections. If considered carefully, it is useless to be confused about past events and the upcoming events of the future. But these people often don’t take care of the present and they cry out of old events, or they are scared by imagining the possible difficulties in the future. Both of these tendencies are symbols of bad intellect and cowardice. Due to objections of old or new, worrying is harmful in all respects. It destroys many of our power in vain and we become unable to solve the actual problems present in front of us.

Anxiety, the mental anguish centered in the mind, is a sad mentality that lamented with sad memories and the destruction of the man, created by the fear of future fear, his mental physical and spiritual powers. Once this mental disorder becomes a patient, man can get rid of it with difficulty, because as long as it lasts longer, it is present in the form of a complex mental sense gland in the secret mind. From there itself, our physical and mental functions are operated. Angered by becoming a person, anxiety takes the form of depression. Such a person gets pessimistic His whole life is full of dullness, discouragement, and failures.

The effect of anxiety is toxic like an infectious disease. When we are in touch with the concerned person, we also draw the principle of despair and make our life full of discouragement. Many people say- ‘Brothers, now we are tired and become helpless. Now God is good to take care of us. ‘They keep crying for this crying:’ Are we unfortunate? Unconscious, our fortune has exploded. Divine is our adversity. We are poor, we are poor. We worked hard but fate did not give up. ‘The person who worries such a person does not know that by crying like this we break our fate with our hands? Cover the conflagration with dark clouds.

The statement of a well-known scholar is: ‘In your life, old misery, worn-biting memories are buried. Among them, many idiots are filled with rudeness and stupid tasks. Close the doors of your mind-temple for him. Do not let their sad pain, pain, black curtains of hawks continue on the present life. In this room of mind, bury these dead bodies in the past. Similarly, close the room of the mind, in which there are false fears, doubtful fantasies gathered for the future. Turn this unborn future firmly into the closet of the mind. Let the dead bury your dead body. Now, care about ‘today’. ‘Today’ ‘Matamata, Gleeful’ Today ‘is your priceless fund. You have it. You are your partner. Do the honor of ‘today’. Play it well, get drunk and fun and make it more fun. ‘Today’ is the living thing. Today, there is the power that can forget the sad past tomorrow and destroy the false fears of the future.

This statement does not mean that do not think, or think, for the future? No, not at all. This implies that doing nothing wrong will not work for the coming ‘tomorrow’, but with all its intelligence, skill, device and enthusiasm, today’s work will be done by doing it in the best possible way. If we fulfill the duty of ‘today’ and complete the full concentration and perseverance, then we do not need to worry about ‘tomorrow’ (future). Similarly, you can build a bright future.

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