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Destruction and development are opponents of each other


Many of the world’s noble beings and the beauty of the more glorious beings are the brightest ones, they continue to guide their achievements with the unseen, eternally. In the name of heaven, liberation, siddhi, the great, great achievements of the achievements are described in a figurative way, their essence is virtually similar to the superstitions. Others hope to find something with the help of worship; But mindful, stunning, and unassuming remain in the practice of such an efficient work, who can prove his personality as authentic and creative as the source of energy.

This extraordinary time – present day is a wonderful and unprecedented level in world history. In the midst of this, the catastrophic storm of the Holocaust is introducing the storm, and on the other hand, the excitement of Satyuga Navnirman is also jumping. Destruction and development are opponents of each other, even if they can move in their own direction at the same time. These days, there is an intense empire in the sky, on the other hand, the appearance of greats also appears to be emerging in the sky. Considering the coordination of these two, it is considered as a time of time. On such occasions, any intense animal has to play its rightful role.

The Buddhist monks and the Satyagraha army of Gandhi also remind the same fact. Pratibha took leadership, there was no shortage of allies. From every corner of the world, such miraculous event sequences appear at all times, from which it is clear that power is invincible. The high level of talent has been used for such purposes as the Gangavaran period and for the destruction purposes like Parashuram. Importance is not the events and the tools, the prudential talent is the key to solving the great problems.

These days the screws of personal problems are not even reduced. The festivals covered on economic, social, and mental fields are not giving the opportunity to live up to the generality. There are more public issues than this. There are challenges in front of the world, increasing poverty, unemployment, disease, pollution, population growth, nuclear radiation, increasing pressures of warheads, introducing their disturbance like comets in the space field. Nature is introducing its outbreak through snow catastrophic, water disaster, drought, earthquakes etc. With man’s intellectual corruption and practical badness, he is also less displeased. The prophets have been giving information on the possibility of the destruction of these days at various levels. Looks like doomsday is not going to happen somewhere next?



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